A questionable hello to you all, Internet strangers. This blog, which was once a space for my year abroad adventures, is now a home for random ramblings about any general life happenings which I feel are worth sharing in some way, shape or form, (though perhaps not through the format of dance – that’s an alcohol exclusive medium…)

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‘I have an approximate knowledge of many things.’ Just try striking up a conversation about…. Sculpture | Anime | Final Fantasy | Quentin Tarantino | Chocolate biscuits | Festivals | Christopher Nolan | Grimes | Rum | Haruki Murakami | Sting | Snowboarding | How to devour Netflix series at an alarming rate | Gaming | Cats | Ellie Goulding | Japan | Dystopian fiction & rainy days.

If you’re interested, (and even if you’re not) I’m a Fine Art graduate, now Social Media geek currently getting lost in Japan for 3 months. I’m equally an injury prone snowboarder, cocktail addict, internet cat aficionado, irritable anti-socialite and pessimist supreme. Wanna be friends? Only kidding. Stick around though, this could get more interesting.

Find me over on Twitter: @EmmaDraffin

And Instagram: @draf_fin


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