ERASMUS IS OVER. Well, it has been for a week technically, but I’ve been wallowing in the wake of my early homecoming so I’ve been pretty quiet about it.

This year has been both the most exciting and terrifying of my life. I don’t think a summary here could do my experiences justice. I guess I just needed to post even this little something about it ending, as a sort of digital full stop for this part of my life. I’m still in recovery mode right now for my foot (me and my bed are one) but coming home has meant I’ve been able to transfer the enthusiasm this year has given me onto future British endeavours! So now I’m just looking forward to getting this damn plaster cast off, enjoying summer and throwing myself fully (though not literally, no more injuries PLEEEEASE) into my last year at Leeds. This all can’t come soon enough! Especially getting the cast off. I dislike having to go up the stairs like the smallest Von Trapp child.

So, are you ready for the inevitable cringe-fest? Ahem… To anyone considering a year abroad, I cannot emphasize enough…JUST. GO. FOR. IT. Maybe don’t go for it quite in the same way I did e.g. throwing yourself off every surface, but still, it is an opportunity like no other, that you should grasp in every way possible. You’ll experience so many new things and meet so many interesting people, but most of all, you’ll settle into your own skin. If I had the chance, I’d jump at doing it again, so in that respect I envy you. Enjoy.


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