The decision has been made – unfortunately I am going back to the UK for good tomorrow. When you book a flight home for the end of July that’s because you want to stay until the end of July however, there’s grinning and bearing a situation, and then there’s the breaking point. Now, I’ve reached that point.

I had a new plaster cast fitted a few days ago when I’d hoped to be given a weight-bearing boot instead. This, combined with the thought of continuing to sit at my lonely residence desk with only a bi-weekly party or occasional (revision break allowing) visit from friends, drained me of all my previous ‘Esprit de la vie’. I thought I better quit while I’m ahead before all my happy Erasmus memories are clouded by this crippling anticlimax.

With the excuse of my leaving, I thankfully managed to drag most people out of their revision hiding last night, though it was absolutely horrible saying goodbye to everyone. The majority of them live so far away, I don’t want to imagine how long it might be until we’re reunited… But my small Grinch heart absolutely melted to see how many of them had shown up for my final pub send off. *wells up.

There’s a spare couch in Leeds awaiting any of the friends I’ve made this year and I suppose I can leave feeling slightly smug knowing that the same goes for me if I ever visit….France, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Morocco, America, Canada, Mexico or Columbia. (What. A. List!)



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