SECRET 7″ 2013

So I think it is well past time that that I reveal that I was recently (well, kind of recently) involved in a charity exhibition and artwork sale for Secret 7″. Never heard of Secret 7″? The concept is that they take seven tracks from seven of the best-known bands and artists, then they make 100 vinyl versions of those tracks. Creatives from around the world then interpret artwork in their own style for of one of the 7 tracks. There is then an exhibition of the selected artworks, and finally a sale of the album sleeves on National Record Store Day. Proceeds from the sale go to the charity Art Against Knives. All in all it seemed like something good to get involved in. I really couldn’t believe it when my design was selected to be 1/100 for Jessie Ware’s track ‘Still Love Me’, but I was (and still am) pretty elated! I was even more shocked on sale day, when I went to go see the artwork exhibition, to find that my sleeve had already been sold after only 1 hour! The exhibition was a huge success, the queue wrapped around the building! And apparently  “500+ Secret 7” sold in 1.5 hours”. I just hope that whoever bought my sleeve was happy to give it a home! :)

If you’re a budding artist, a serial doodler, or just feeling inspired at the time the next Secret 7″ competition goes live, you should definitely get involved. Follow them on Twitter or Facebook so you’ll be one of the first to know when to get going on a design. Here are some photos from the exhibition. Most of which were taken by David Yeo for The Evening Standard, (my own photos were rather empty because I arrived an hour after the exhibition opened!)



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