Hello again blogosphere. I’ve been away for a while having some fun across London, Paris, Verona, Venice, Florence, Turin and Cinque Terre. I am well aware that this is a long and delicious traveling list for just 2 weeks off, and although I wanted to start posting some of the 600 (!!!!) photos I took over this time something else has come up…



Some people reading this might be thinking ‘But hey, didn’t you break your wrist recently too?’ The answer would be yes. Yes I did. Turns out I can’t be involved in any sort of sport involving a board without seriously injuring myself. This time it was a skateboard though, not a snowboard. Seriously starting to think that I’m made of glass and need to invest in bubblewrap clothing.

*Warning: mild pity party ahead. Turns out this little crack in my foot is a lot more hassle than my last break (if you ignore the operation.) If you break a lower limb your circulation is affected and your blood can start to thicken, which is bad (duh). To prevent this I have to have anti-coagulant injections every day for at least 3 weeks, and I have to self-adminster these unless my insurance comes through for me and covers the costs of a nurse to come visit me at home (I froze on my first attempt to do this, thinking I’d save myself the hassle of a nurse, and my friend had to inject me instead). Sure, I could go to the hospital for these injections but I’m on crutches, (with a weak left wrist from January’s break and next to no upper body strength after a year not going to the gym), so walking 45 minutes to the tram, taking a first tram for 20 minutes, changing trams,  taking a second tram for 5 minutes, then walking 15 minutes to the doctor’s just seems a bit much for every day, oh and taxis here cost 15-20 euros each journey, (I learnt that the hard way…), so that’s not really an option for getting around. Then again maybe a daily trip to the hospital might kill 2 birds with one stone because I have to go for 2 blood tests a week anyway to check that the anti-coagulants are working. I’m off school at least until the 22nd, after that depends on how my x-ray goes. I definitely can’t drink at parties if my mode of transport is crutches, especially since to get into my bed I have to go up some very small steep steps, oh and my residence has stairs but no lift. Sigh.*

OK pity party over because breaking your foot is clearly not the end of the world and I have some very nice painkillers.

IMG-20130509-00189Yay for non-free healthcare…wait a second.

It immediately made me more positive to think ‘Wait, people deal with injuries like this all the time, some people deal with this sort of thing every day of their life’. It may not sound like it from the paragraph above but I can see the funny side too thankfully. I’m feeling very much like a flamingo, my friends find my hopping hilarious which then makes me laugh too (not a good idea on stairs!), my cast already has some interesting ‘art’ on it and I have to carry all my cooking utensils and dinner ingredients in a little rucksack on my back to hobble my way to the kitchen to cook for myself (I must look very silly). The fact that this has even happened is pretty damn funny (seriously, who goes away for a year and breaks an arm and a leg?), and this is made all the more ironic considering I wrote ‘Not breaking any other bones ‘ as my penultimate positive experience from my (sort of) snowboard season in my last post.

Plaster CastMy cast so far. “VDM’ stands for Vie de merde (Sh*t life), it’s basically the French FML but is also a website where people post ridiculous situations they find themselves in.

Writing explanatory emails to my tutors and friends has me laughing aloud, no-one believes me at first. My Leeds tutor replied ‘Would this be snowboard/ski-related? Maybe you need to take up a slightly less dangerous hobby!’ He knows me so well. There has been a suggestion that I should write a book called “How to break yourself” but I don’t think it would sell very well for some reason… and another friend made this very valid point, ‘You risked your life everyday in England with your poor ability to cross roads without injury and now look at you! I think France is far too dangerous for you.’ Well I’m not crossing roads any easier now, for sure. So, with all this time on my hands I better get editing my travel photos!

P.S. I am welcoming funny cat pictures, gifs & videos on my twitter to aid my hopefully speedy recovery.


3 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS

  1. You are absurd little Draffin! Think you need to come back to your safe nest in Leeds, when are you coming back by the way? Missing you dearly :'(

    Also please MAKE sure you remain UN-coagulated, my dad broke his leg and had a blood clot to the lung as a result! (though we have some rubbish blood in our genes, i’ll explain via message at some point) Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  2. Oh bless you!!! In a funny sort of way, I am very impressed though- I thought that I was accident prone, but I take my hat off to you. Here’s hoping you have a speedy recovery- and at least you have some brilliant stories to tell when you get back to Leeds!! xx

    1. Yeah…for all the people who say ‘I’ve never broken any bones.’ I have to say ‘Don’t worry, I’ve broken one for you probably.’ I don’t think anyone in Leeds next year will believe how clumsy I’ve been this year! aha x

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