Prepare yourself. Winter is…going away. That’s right, the sun has decided he’s here to stay and so ski season is over :( but hey, it’s been AWE-SOME so I can’t moan too much .

Sure there were a few low points… 05:30 starts . Breaking my wrist . Freestyle lessons on the big park (cue a big Draffin freak out) . Drag lifts – I CANNOT STAY ON THEM THEY ARE IMPOSSIBLE . Flat slopes . Goggles burn . Completely underestimating my speed before entering ski lift turnstiles and becoming impossibly tangled and upside down on more than one occasion .

But the good things outweighed the bad by far… Chamrousse . Freestyle lessons on the smaller park (cue smaller Draffin freak outs) . Snowboarding with Harriet, Katie, Sara, Basak, Caro, Eva, Tereza, Livia, Beatriz, Meghane & Jamil . Bluebird Days . Cold beers after a day on the slopes . Having an instructor with a combined French – Essex accent, hilarious stuff . Sept Laux . Midday catnaps on the sun loungers . Landing the tiniest jumps ever (little victories people, little victories!) . Learning how to not die on a half pipe & boxes . Powder Days . Frozen Mars Bars . Delicious hot chocolates & crepes & mulled wine . Deux Alpes . Not breaking any other bones . GENERAL SNOWBOARD LIFE .


Only 8 months until next season…

2 alpes panorama 001


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