We’ve spent a good while looking at video, sound and text art these past two weeks in yet another Workshop. Mostly this meant sitting in a darkened room listening to things. (Yes it’s going to stay that vague.) The room being blacked out really helped us all to dig a little deeper with works that, were they in a gallery setting, perhaps we wouldn’t normally pay so much attention to. The ‘Cinepoémes’ by Pierre Alferi were my favourite discovery of the workshop. This one is called Elvin Jones.

Although not even mildly motivational in textual content there’s no doubt that the music in this video is awesome. ‘IT GETS THE PEOPLE GOING.’

And here was my own little venture into the film world.

As a sculptress I really am out of my depth when I have to film stuff or go within 10 feet of Final Cut Pro, (so be gentle…or else), but I consider this attempt a little victory! Simply because for the first time ever, I made some video ‘art’ that doesn’t look like the film from The Ring. Score.

Unfortunately I’m pretty sure I’m breaking some/many/all copyright laws because the music is 16:39 by Brian Eno from the album Music for Airports, (is admitting this the first step to recovery….?) but hey, we’ll call it ‘paying homage’ until I manage to make something similar on a Tenori-On-esque app when I’m back in the UK.

FUN FACT I used to fall asleep to this track when I was younger but I would always say to my parents ‘PUT RIBENA ON’ because however many times I was told it was by “BRI-AN. E-NO” I clearly just thought Ribena had a better ring to it.


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