“Based on a timeline of your choice that starts after 1974, use another student’s methodology for working to create an artwork.”

This was the brief for my most recent workshop. So what’s the big deal with 1974 I hear you ask? Well, I’ll tell you…



All 13 episodes of the kid’s TV show ‘Bagpuss’ ran for the first time in 1974 and that, combined with the fact that Bagpuss is a pink and white scraggly cat, meant that it would be the perfect subject for my timeline. Plus, you don’t go against what Google has said after you ask it ‘what happened in 1974‘. That would just be ungrateful. As for the methodology exchange, I was paired with a guy called Mathieu. This is the way he normally works:

  1. Go on an aimless walk. Take notes for ideas.
  2. Research things that relate to notes e.g artists.
  3. Brainstorm art projects.

I’m more of a “LET THE LIGHTNING BOLT OF INSPIRATION STRIKE!” kinda gal with my work, so this all sounded very…meh. However I gave it a go, and to cut a long story short I made a shop that doesn’t sell anything. Because duh, Bagpuss lives in a shop that doesn’t sell anything?


In the TV show, the shop’s owner, Emily, collects broken objects that she finds, and then Bagpuss magically fixes them. The repaired items can then be collected for free by their original owners. With this in mind I did brainstorm selling ‘invisible’ objects, broken things or broken things that I have ‘fixed’ in more of a performance/happening piece, but performance art is definitely not my forté. There’s no way I could pull it off with a straight face! So maybe one day in the future this piece might become a little more refined when I find a few willing performance volunteers. Those volunteers will be rewarded with any invisible objects from the shop that they choose.


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