The fair has come to town! What a good excuse to pretend to face my fear of roller coasters and spend all my money attempting to win things that will eventually push my going home luggage allowance over the limit. In all seriousness though I went on one ride and though for normal people it was probably about as scary as jumping off a chair onto the floor I WAS TERRIFIED!!!!!!! But I don’t go to the fair for the rides, I go for the bright lights (rather like a moth), the candy floss and with an undying hope of winning a giant tiger cuddly toy. In regards to the latter I failed yet again, essentially spending 5 euros to get a Hawaiian flower garland (I WILL WEAR MY LOSERS NECKLACE WITH PRIDE DAMMIT) however, I did manage to win a little Pacman Ghost on ‘the clawwwww’! That’s right, I beat the system. I don’t know about anyone else but I thought that it was genuinely impossible to win anything on those machines. So keep trying people, you can do it, go team etc etc. But can someone please reinforce my hope that winning a big tiger is possible?

The rest of the evening was spent running back and forth through waves of bubbles from a bubble machine (I’m a child, and what?), questioning whether the large eyed turtle toys in the claw machines had taken drugs, pretending to play the motorbike games without actually putting any money in them and dancing to ‘Last Christmas’ by Wham! which was admittedly a strange soundtrack for a. March and b. a ride covered in pictures of people at the beach?

IMG_4696 IMG_4693IMG_4697 IMG_4712 IMG_4710 IMG_4714IMG_47037D. Who knew?IMG_4711 IMG_4717 IMG_4751 IMG_4744

P.S. I promise I have eyebrows…sometimes.


5 thoughts on “THE CLAW

  1. It looks really strange without all the people around! But I’m exactly the same as you, a moth to the lights – I love anything bright and shiny! Love the picture of the fish, that is everything what going the fair represents!

    Chels xx

    1. I guess everyone else has something better to do at 10pm on a Monday! I really wanted to win a fish, but I questioned whether I was ready for that sort of responsibility….aha

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