portes ouvertes poster

Big accidental beige theme going on again today, but for the best reason – EXHIBITION TIME! My own colour palette usually favours beige anyway but I suppose there’s something about these white walls and wooden floors  in particular that brought out everyone’s neutral side. Portes Ouvertes was a sort of open day in my art school, where prospective students as well as the nosy public can basically come and take a look at ‘how we do.’ There was of course the art school stereotypical ‘Artwork made from human hair’ and ‘Artwork of combined genitals’ but across the school there was still quite good variety of work going on, though I only managed to get take photos of the pieces in the main Galerie Xavier Jouvin. I installed a few pieces of art that I’ve been working on and I’m so proud to be able to show you photos of the culmination of my ‘Volume – Installation’ module; Silent Night, and of my ‘Deep’ module, Too Deep; a 98% successful ice sculpture work. Maybe the sculpture snapped when I was taking it out of the mold (cry…), or maybe I just couldn’t take a picture of it before it melted and broke…I’ll leave the guessing up to you. Either way, it was 1000 times more successful than my last attempt at ice art so I couldn’t be happier! Check out the photos and let me know what you think :)

IMG_4620Too Deep


Too Deep (Detail)

IMG_4603Too Deep (Detail)

IMG_4602Installation Shot: Too Deep & Silent Night

IMG_4554Babel #1, Babel #2, Silence & Silent Night

IMG_4558Silent Night


My favourite pieces by other students in the Galerie.



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