Today was the big day for my latest artwork. I was on a mission to transport this sod of a thing (above) to the nearest available freezer. ‘This’ happens to be a silicone mold of a noose, covered in a plaster jacket, cemented together with wood blocks, nails, high expectations and hopes for success… (yeah so maybe those last ones are more of a metaphorical sort of glue but it’s also what’s been keeping me going while I’ve poured every waking hour into this damn piece for the past 2 months!) You cannot believe my relief when the water test with this mold proved that it doesn’t leak. So, off to the freezer we went. The owners of the Egyptian restaurant Karkadé truly have my thanks in this matter because they offered to let me use their freezer when absolutely no-one else would.

The restaurant is cozily tucked away in the antiquarian part of Grenoble and surrounded by some beautiful multi-coloured washed out buildings, (they reminded me of the old CBeebies’ TV show ‘Balamory’ which I REALLY shouldn’t have any knowledge of considering it came out when I was in high school…so I’m gonna break out the ‘I have a little brother’ excuse here.) I’d never been to this part of Grenoble before so I’ll definitely have to come back, both to explore and to buy a meal from Karkadé because it smelt deeeeeeelicious in there, plus they serve the rice pudding and cinnamon dessert that I love.

The rest of my day was spent being a nervous wreck about the freezer artwork. “What if it leaks? What if it breaks? What if it doesn’t work? What if, what if, WHAT IF?!?!??!?’ but I managed to shake this off by playing with Goinfrette, the residence cat. Most tactile cat EVER.









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