I’m turning 22 in a couple of weeks and I’m stuck: how on earth do you top your 21st?! Last year I was surrounded by some of my closest girl pals; we donned our shiniest outfits, devoured some champagne, gorged ourselves in Zizzi’s, then hit the amazing Liar’s Club, Manchester for some overdressed rum loving. We drank cocktails from Cinnamon filled, flaming treasure chests, were served by Hawaiian shirt wearing bartenders and my friends attempted to convince multiple people that I was famous, (birthday girl privileges I guess?).

Alas, I find myself away from the girls this year. Surrounded by some fabulous new Erasmus and French pals sure, but it will be my first birthday away from the UK and I’m a home girl at heart. I’ve told my mum to reserve the cake and any little gifts she was considering for June (I’m going to be the Queen this year and have 2 birthdays!) and to just send a card and allot me some Skype time with the cat, but it doesn’t mean a girl can’t lust after various online treats. “To Me, Happy Birthday, from Me”…maybe. Someone convince me to bring my bank card out of hiding?

A Nearly Beige Birthday

Ivory Velvet Trimming Big Collar Dress – Olive // Wood Veneer Sunglasses – Tumbleweeds Handcraft // BIG Shampoo – Lush // Bad Blood Album – BASTILLE // Crocus Cream Beauty Satchel – Cambridge Satchel // Q&A a day journal – Amazon  // Snowboard Jacket – Volcom (Ruining the beige birthday theme for sure.)



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