A questionable hello to you all. Something had to be done about the mildly self-important autobiographical crap I have floating around my brain before I move to Grenoble for a year, and a blog seemed like the perfect sounding board. After all, if the French ignore me at least I can pretend the internet likes me. “Oh internet, you’re such a pal…” This space is a new home for my personal work and projects, plus general life happenings I feel are worth sharing in some way, shape or form, though perhaps not through the medium of dance. (That’s an alcohol exclusive format.)

If you’re interested, (and even if you’re not) I am a 21 year old Fine Art student, or ‘Sculptress’ as I prefer; a head injury prone snowboarder; a cocktail addict; fried chicken connoisseur; irritable anti-socialite and pessimist supreme. Wanna be friends? Only kidding. Stick around though, this could get more interesting.


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